Eric Hugoson

Ph.D. Student
Affiliated projects

I began my research career at Uppsala University in the lab of Dr. Lionel Guy. There I learned the power of bioinformatical approaches to answering scientific questions, particularly then employed toward understanding the emergence and evolution of host adaptation. The project leveraged the positive explosion of metagenomic data from recent years to explore the full diversity of Legionellales, an order of exclusively intracellular bacteria, tracing its’ origin and important early adaptations facilitating an intracellular lifestyle. In Dr. Guy’s lab I also had my start in programming leading to me developing miComplete, a piece of software employing a novel algorithm for weighting markers for use in quality evaluation of assembled microbial genomes.

Research interests
Currently I am investigating the function of REPINs and RAYTs, a set of prevalent repetitive extragenic palindromic sequences in bacteria and their associated transposases. To this end I employ both wet lab approaches and development of novel computational tools for identifying protein functions.
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